Watch What You Wear

28 03 2012

Yeah, you are probably asking yourself what is this fool talking about.  Well save that question for the end of the thought and see if you would still say that.

When we talk about work or even just a day in life, there is something that can play a role in how you feel.  Your clothing.  This is nothing new to most women, because they are more concerned about appearance then most of us men.  The relation of what you wear to how you act or feel is something very powerful.  To put it in plain simple form, think about when you go on a date.  Do you get spiff’d up? Guys?  Yeah, we usually won’t wear our favorite band’s shirt, or our clothes that we work on our cars with, right!  We get into something nice, possibly even shave, and definitely brush our teeth.  You aren’t doing this just to impress the date, but you are doing it to feel more confident!  Women this applies to you too.  How do you feel about yourselves when you lounge around the house in your schlumpy clothes?  Compare that to how you feel when you get all dressed up and ready for a night out on the town.

So the reason I bring this up, it plays into the previous post about “mind games.”  Watching what you wear can give you confidence, and in turn help your mind be more sure of itself.  Clothes do matter!  It doesn’t need to be a specific brand or cost a load of money, but it needs to make you feel good about yourself.  If you don’t believe me, go out and try on some clothes that are gonna make you look really good.  When you feel good about yourself, it lifts your spirit and will allow you to accomplish things you never imagined possible.  It could improve so many aspects of your life, including family, business, friends, and most importantly self image!

So for heaven sakes people watch what you wear, and wear it with confidence!  Don’t end up looking like this, and in turn feeling like this guy does!  LOL


Mind Games

26 03 2012

My second thought for the day deals with mind games.  Not the type that others play on us, but the ones that we play on ourselves.  I’m sure at one point or another throughout everyone’s lives, they have had their mind play games on them.  For example, have you ever felt prepared for a test or speech, and then in the moment you start to doubt yourself?  This is something that we all need to realize and overcome.  When you have a business presentation or just sharing thoughts with friends, being able to keep your mind in check is something that is very valuable.  I have had moments when I am asked to stand in front of friends and share a few thoughts that I get nervous.  Why should I get nervous standing in front of my friends?  For that matter why should I get nervous standing in front of anybody if I am sharing something I have knowledge about?  The only time I think the nervousness should come in is if we aren’t prepared.  That is a real reason to feel nervous, but our minds can make us feel that way even when we have knowledge.

I don’t know how to tell you to overcome this, but to be prepared is the first and most important step.  After that, you need to have confidence in yourself and all should be alright.  Don’t let the mind games that you play on yourself limit your potential!  We all have huge potential regardless of where we come from or how we were raised.  The only way to achieve this potential is to overcome ourselves and the mind games we can play on ourselves.  Reach your potential and feel the joy that will come from achieving something you didn’t think you could!

Different People, Different Personalities

26 03 2012

First of all, let me welcome myself back from the twilight zone of posting.  I’d like to say that I just had been lazy last week, and am now back on the posting horse!

I was thinking this morning about how different people are.  Yes, we all might have some things in common, but the reality is that for the most part we are all very different.  Some people are full of energy, while others aren’t.  Some are happy, while some might be gloomy.  You get the point, but isn’t that a great thing?  If we all were alike life would be absolutely boring!  If we all agreed on everything, that would get old quickly.  So what am I getting at?  In life, we are constantly meeting different people, with very different personalities, and how do we interact with them?  Are we able to see things from somebody else’s perspective and try to see where they are coming from even if we don’t agree?  Part of our life experience is to interact with other’s that might not see life the same way we do.

But at the same time, the differing personalities that are so abundant now days, can also be used to our advantage.  How you ask?  Well, in business you are trying to reach out to as many different social groups as you can.  The more groups you have that “like” what you have to offer the better your bottom line is going to be right?  So learning to see the good in everyone is something that not only will help you in everyday life, but could help you in business too.  What I’m trying to say is, just because we are all different and don’t have the same “tastes” doesn’t mean we can’t get along and even be friends with one another.  If you struggle with getting along with people, try and make this a focus in your life and you will be amazed at how much difference it can have in your life.  Business and Personal life is built on relationships and the better we are at seeing past other’s faults and only seeing the good in others, the better our lives will be too!

Weather or Not?

19 03 2012

Have you ever realized how much the weather can effect our moods?  The reason I said weather or not, is because I think the weather can sway our decisions on weather or not we get things done on that day!  Have you ever woken up in the morning and it was snowing or raining and just seemed gloomy?  Well how did you feel?  Did you think about just pulling up the blanket and going back to sleep?  That would be the “I’m not” going to do anything today effect.


What about the opposite.  You wake up to a beautiful sunny morning with the birds chirping and decide to get out and do all of those projects you have been putting off.  Isn’t it interesting how that works?


The same can be said about being effective at work.  You are responsible for weather or not you get things done at work.  So the question I want to pose for you today is this.  What kind of environment is your office?  Is it a place that gives you energy to accomplish what needs to be done (bright sunny day) or is it a downer (gloomy rainy day)?

The point here is to create a working environment for yourself that gives you the energy to be the best at what you do.  If you need to put a live plant in your office, fish tank, or just straighten it up.  Do it!  In the long run you will be more effective and overall a greater asset to your company.  Let alone, be happier in the process!  Just my thoughts, take them or leave them.

Power of Concentrate!

19 03 2012

I have a few thoughts on the power of concentrate.  Not concentration, but concentrate.  What do I mean?  Well, when you buy a product at the store like windex.  What’s in it?  Yes it’s a window cleaner, but what is in that bottle of cleaner?  It has some chemicals, and that is mixed into a large concentrate of a little thing called water.  So this begs the question, why are you paying for a cleaner that is mostly made up of water?  Why not save some money by purchasing a concentrate, such as Basic H2.  I mean, the H2 in a 16oz bottle, costs a whopping $12.15 retail and $10.35 for members of Shaklee.

Now you might be thinking that is pricey, but wait a second!  I’m talking about a concentrate, where you would then add the water yourself to create either a window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, or degreaser.  So in reality you are purchasing a multi purpose product, and to top it off here is a breakdown of how to use the H2.  If you want to make Window Cleaner: 2 drops of H2 in a 16oz spray bottle.  Yes I said that right, 2 drops!  All purpose cleaner: 1/4 teaspoon in 16oz spray bottle.  Degreaser: 1.5 teaspoons in 16oz spray bottle.

So when you look at the big picture, a 16oz bottle of Basic H2 packs a powerful punch!  On top of that, here are some other interesting facts about H2.  Think about how much waste you are saving from the landfill, by using 1 bottle to fill 3 – 16oz reusable spray bottles.  The entire Shaklee Get Clean product line consists of earth-friendly products with sustainable ingredients from natural sources.  The product line contains biodegradable surfactants, recyclable packing, wipes and dryer sheets.  How cool is that?  The packaging, wipes and dryer sheets are all able to go in the “blue” bin!  It does not contain chlorine bleach, phosphates, nitrates, borates, or VOCs.

So next time you are in need of products to clean your home, give the Get Clean products a try and ease the burden on your wallet!  All the while, creating a better environment for your family and our earth!  If you need some product now, email me at  I will give you a first time buyers discount, and a bonus product.  Just let me know you read about it here and I can get you taken care of!

Disclaimer:  Not for existing Shaklee customers!

Natural vs. Synthetic?

16 03 2012

I read yesterday on a nutrition website (which I won’t name) something that actually kind of blew me away.  They had a half page article stating that our bodies can’t differentiate between synthetic and natural.  Who believes this?  If you wanted to take a multivitamin that would be of the most benefit to you, would you buy a synthetic or a 100% natural vitamin?

I have a hard time with this kind of thinking, not only because I am in the nutrition industry and believe in quality and natural products.  But because the thought that what I am putting in my body is something that was solely created in a lab, not from nature.  I have an interesting question for you.  Which gives you more nutrients, raw veggies or cooked veggies?  I think we all know that raw veggies are more nutrient rich because the nutrients haven’t been cooked out of them.  Which is healthier out of these two.  McDonald’s Burger, or a homemade Burger?  I would say my homemade burgers are much healthier than McDonald’s.  Why?  Because I pick a high quality hormone free ground beef.  Now that poses another question.  In this day and age, hormone free, cage free, etc. is something that we are beginning to look for in our food.  Why?  Is it because we are trying to get our food back to a more natural state?  Are we trying to keep our bodies clear of chemicals that might be in our foods, that could eventually effect us?  What would you buy if you went to get a burger and on the menu it had a natural burger and a synthetic burger?  No contest, right!

So that begs the question, if we are trying to return our food (hormone free meat, organic veggies, cage free eggs, etc.) to a more natural form, why would we not do the same with our vitamins?  Do you truly believe that a synthetic vitamin could assimilate into your body as easily as something created from all natural products?  How does a synthetic vitamin vary from a pharmaceutical drug?  I mean they are created in a similar way.  Also, why would we take something that is a “copy” of what nature provides?  If nature already makes it, why do we need to make it ourselves?  Do we think we can do a better job?

So before you go taking your vitamins, ask yourself “what is in them.”  Vitamins can be a huge benefit, but you need to know what you are feeding your body and cells, is of the best quality.  In my opinion, synthetic vitamins aren’t up to the task.  Who’s with me?

Time….Where does it go?

16 03 2012

Have you ever sat down and wondered where time went?  I’m sure everyone has at one point or another.  Today was one of those days that I felt just flew bye and didn’t really give me a chance to enjoy it.  But there are times when I really think about it and say to myself….do you know how long ago I graduated High School?  I’ve been married for how many years now?  My kids are how old?  Are you kidding me?  When you sit and think about it, we really have a precious amount of time here on earth.

Even if we are pretty sure we can make it to 80, it will be here before we know it.  So my point is this; enjoy every minute of every day.  Yes we can get upset, or have a bad day, but try to make the best out of every single day.  None of us know how many more we will get, and do we want to think back on life and only remember being crabby because of work or circumstance?  Do we want to look back and only see us getting upset over the little bumps in life?  I think we would all agree the answer would be NO.

I would challenge everyone to take a minute every day to enjoy the moment.  I have these moments a lot of times when I am driving and see the beautiful mountains that surround me.  Or when I’m in the midwest, the corn fields right before the sun goes down are pictures of “my day” that I like to try to focus on.  Enjoy life, and don’t let the downs in life keep you from seeing the real picture!


Example of what I’m talking about.  I took this picture with my iPhone coming out of the grocery store.  Don’t miss out on the good things in life!