7 03 2012

Why do we constantly bombard ourselves with toxic chemicals, that we know (or should know) are harmful to our bodies?  Why, when we read a label and it says “Keep Out Of Reach Of Children” do we as adults feel we are immune to what lurks within?  Warning labels that should jump out at us, are brushed aside with a fleeting thought of how quickly that particular item will help us get our home clean!  I would challenge you to look at the items you have in your home that are meant to “clean” your home, but are actually causing more harm.  These items range from counter top cleaners, to stove cleaner, to laundry soap, and even into skin care products.

Once you have done that, ask yourself why you are bombarding yourself with toxins on a daily basis.  Another interesting question to ask yourself is this, what does clean smell like?  Real clean!  Not the kind that the large industry, money making machines tell you it smells like.  Once you have done that, you will come to the realization that you are creating a toxic environment for yourself because of simple everyday items that you use.

That is when I jump in and tell you, there is a better way!  Go to my website and see what a company with 56 Years of environmental concern has to offer you!  If you think it is time to change your toxic ways, and create a healthier life….. I’m showing you the way!  Not only that, but as my site is meant to talk about wealth, you can achieve that too.  Remember from my first post, that our lives are not wealthy, unless we are healthy!  Take the first step and rid yourself of the toxins lurking in your home.



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