Quality vs. Quantity

9 03 2012

I’d like to talk a bit about something I call QvQ.  Quality vs. Quantity is something that we all have to decide on daily.  A wide range of items are effected by this everlasting question.  Do I want to get more, or a better product?  For example: At the grocery store, you are bombarded with this exact question over and over again.  Do I want to buy the Charmin Ultra Soft that is soft and luxurious, or should I save some money and buy the Charmin Basic?  Do I buy Quaker Brand Oatmeal or do I save some money and buy the store brand?  Lego’s or Megablocks? Colgate Toothbrush or a store brand?  Sony TV or Vizio?  The list is very extensive and can really impact any facet of your life.

This same question comes to my mind when I talk about food.  It is pretty obvious that our society is beginning to change, and understand the importance of quality.  There seems to be more of a demand for quality organic produce, and food that is natural and without hormones.  I’m grateful that this change is coming and people are beginning to care about what they put in their bodies.  It’s just interesting to see where some people’s priorities lay.  What I mean by that is, how many of you put synthetic oil in your vehicles?  Why?  Because it helps keep your vehicle running at it’s best, right!  How many of you buy the best TV you can?  Why?  Because it gives the most real and crisp picture for movies, tv, and games, right! Well what about your bodies?  Do you give them the best?  Or do you give them the most?  That question probably has you sitting there going….huh?  I’m talking about the nutrition you give your body.  Is it the best it can be, or is it based on how much you can get?

Supplementation is something that all of us should be doing.  Why?  Because as healthy as we try to eat, we are inevitably not going to get the overall nutrition that we need from our food alone.  But at the same time, comes the question of Quality vs. Quantity.  Sure I can go to Costco and buy a 1,000 count Multi-vitamin for $5 but is it worth it?  Let’s break it down a bit.  First you have the manufacturer, then you have costco, and both need to make a profit on this item.  So if the manufacturer is putting very high quality minerals and testing the vitamins to make sure they are a quality product, do you think they could afford to sell them for $5 and make a profit?  No, they couldn’t.  So in reality what you are buying for $5 at the store might seem like a good deal, but the quality is going to be extremely lacking.  Why would we do this to ourselves?  If we put premium or even mid grade gasoline into our vehicles to take care of them, then why wouldn’t we put premium supplements into our bodies to take care of them?  Which is more important to you?

Why not go this route.  Remove the middle man (Retailer) and buy direct.  You will pay more for the product, but it has been clinically tested to deliver the vitamin’s and minerals that it says it will.  And on top of that, it has a 100% guarantee that the product will work.  Would you pay more for a product that will do for you what it says it will?  I don’t want to sound like a salesman, but these are things I see everyday.  My goal is to try and get you thinking about health, wealth, and personal improvement.  Of course I would like you to join my company and find these things through me.  But even if I get you thinking about improving your wellbeing and financial situation I have accomplished my goal.  Thank you for stopping by and seeing what crazy thoughts run through my head.



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9 03 2012

I totally agree : quality – at least to me – is more important than quantity. Too much of anything is bad – especially with food . Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

9 03 2012
Quality vs. Quantity | MrfuzzyBear.com

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