Diet Overload?

12 03 2012

Does anybody in this day and age feel like I do?  I feel like everyday there is some new “diet” that will help you melt away the pounds in no time.  I agree that something must be done and that most of us could use a little less weight to carry around.  But is a new fad “diet” the answer?  I don’t think so!  Here is my problem with the conventional diet plans.  They replace up to 2 meals a day with a shake or some even require you to only drink lemon juice.  Some tell you no meat, others tell you only raw veggies, etc.  Does anybody see a problem with these ideas?  In my opinion a person can meet the criteria for a diet….but only for a short period of time.  This is what causes the “diet cycle” that is a dreaded effect of dieting.  It is where you loose weight, and then shortly thereafter you put on more then you lost.  Why does that happen?  Because for a short time you can keep yourself on the regimen of your particular diet, but then self control begins to slip away.  You begin to eat what you did before or even more and gain your weight back in no time at all.

What can be done?  Well, here is my experience in this battle arena, called weight loss.  I went to the doctor for my annual check up.  Everything looked good, my cholesterol, bp, lungs, etc. were all sounding and looking perfect.  The doctor then said to me, “we all love Dan, but we could use a little less of him.”  Did I take offense to that?  Yes and No.  When I had first stepped on the scale in the doctor’s office (fully clothed) the numbers didn’t give me a happy face.  Instead they cried out to me to change some things and loose some weight.  Well on that day, I weighed in at a nice 197.  Today I can proudly say that I am down to 179.  It has been an interesting transition not only for me, but for our family and finances.

I went from eating lunch out almost everyday of the week, to bringing my own lunches, which consist of a thin bagel sandwich, carrots and/or apples, ants on a log, and/or occasionally chips. Also, as a family we used to eat out almost 4-5 times a week.  Now we eat out maybe 1-2 every couple of weeks.  I was addicted to Coke, and Dr. Pepper.  I haven’t had one in about 4-5 months now.  Yes I go to the gym and try and get some cardio in and some weight lifting to help in my weight loss, but what is amazing to me is the change that comes from eating differently.

I don’t do any special diet pills or shakes, or limit myself in any way.  The funny thing about it is that, because I don’t “limit” myself I don’t have those crazy cravings that you can get when dieting.  I know I can eat what I want, but because I eat healthier, my body doesn’t crave the burgers, candy, and soda that it used too.  Yes, I still eat candy and I love me some Oreo’s and milk.  But because I have changed my habits, this is something that I can easily continue doing for the long haul.  I haven’t limited myself, but instead set some personal goals and boundaries.  You can do it too.  Look at your eating habits, and evaluate them.  Do you over eat?  Do you eat greasy food?  Do you eat out a lot?  Do you over do it on snacks at night?  These are questions that you will need to answer honestly and once you have, the answer lies right in front of you on how to become healthy.  Work into it slowly and allow your body to adjust to changes.  Don’t just throw everything at your body at once, because that can create a recipe for failure.  For example the first thing I did, was quit caffeine.  That took my body quite a while to overcome.  If I had done other things during that period I would’ve had a higher likelihood of failure.  If you have experiences with weight loss feel free to share and let other’s know what worked for you and what didn’t.  One other interesting point is that of finances.  Since we stopped eating out all the time, we have had more money.  We buy the food required for our lunches and dinners for the whole week on Monday’s.  That get’s spendy, but not like it was spending $30-60 a night for dinner for our family when we ate out.  So change your health and it could help you financially!

The point of this post was to enlighten your mind and get you thinking differently about weight loss or dieting.  Don’t just jump on the newest “fad diet” but allow yourself to change habits, and create health for the long haul!



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