Are you into Networking?

13 03 2012

When somebody asks you about networking what comes to your mind?  Are your first thoughts about computer networking or do you think about social networking?  Does the word networking freak you out?

For a lot of people “networking” is a word that can stop you in your tracks.  It can cause people to run away from opportunities and possibly a life changing decision to own their own life.  Why is it that some of us fear the thought of networking?  Is it really that we fear networking, or is it because we fear the thought of being labeled a “salesperson?”  I would imagine it is really the latter that we fear.

I mean how often do we go eat somewhere new, and hate it or love it we tell our friends about it?  How often do we try a product and tell our friends about it?  The list goes on, but the reality remains….when we talk about these things we are networking!  So why do we fear the thought of starting our own business? If you join a networking company and you love the products why wouldn’t you tell your friends about them?  Once again it is the fear of the salesperson label that lurks over your head.  If you have that fear, then might I suggest you are going about it in the wrong way.  It’s a matter of sharing your experience with those you know, just the same as you do with a new restaurant.  Don’t become pushy because this is your business, you need to allow them to take your word and make their own decision.

Some will take a look at what you do, but others won’t.  That is the reality of networking.  Do you think everyone you tell about a new product, or restaurant ends up going there or using that product?  No way.  So don’t expect anything different when it comes to networking with your own business.  Keep a positive attitude, and just tell them about what you have found.  Let them decide to take it or leave it, it’s not your decision.

I feel that if you look at networking in terms of sharing something you enjoy with your friends or even just people you meet, the fear will disappear.  You aren’t trying to be a salesperson, but in reality you are letting people know about a product or opportunity.  I guarantee you that if you treat it as such, you will not be labeled as a salesperson.  It’s when you become emotional, overbearing, and “expect” everyone to try what you are offering that you will get labeled as a salesperson.  At the end of the day, one thing remains.  We all network with coworkers, family, friends, etc. on a daily basis.  It shouldn’t be something we fear but rather embrace!



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