Natural vs. Synthetic?

16 03 2012

I read yesterday on a nutrition website (which I won’t name) something that actually kind of blew me away.  They had a half page article stating that our bodies can’t differentiate between synthetic and natural.  Who believes this?  If you wanted to take a multivitamin that would be of the most benefit to you, would you buy a synthetic or a 100% natural vitamin?

I have a hard time with this kind of thinking, not only because I am in the nutrition industry and believe in quality and natural products.  But because the thought that what I am putting in my body is something that was solely created in a lab, not from nature.  I have an interesting question for you.  Which gives you more nutrients, raw veggies or cooked veggies?  I think we all know that raw veggies are more nutrient rich because the nutrients haven’t been cooked out of them.  Which is healthier out of these two.  McDonald’s Burger, or a homemade Burger?  I would say my homemade burgers are much healthier than McDonald’s.  Why?  Because I pick a high quality hormone free ground beef.  Now that poses another question.  In this day and age, hormone free, cage free, etc. is something that we are beginning to look for in our food.  Why?  Is it because we are trying to get our food back to a more natural state?  Are we trying to keep our bodies clear of chemicals that might be in our foods, that could eventually effect us?  What would you buy if you went to get a burger and on the menu it had a natural burger and a synthetic burger?  No contest, right!

So that begs the question, if we are trying to return our food (hormone free meat, organic veggies, cage free eggs, etc.) to a more natural form, why would we not do the same with our vitamins?  Do you truly believe that a synthetic vitamin could assimilate into your body as easily as something created from all natural products?  How does a synthetic vitamin vary from a pharmaceutical drug?  I mean they are created in a similar way.  Also, why would we take something that is a “copy” of what nature provides?  If nature already makes it, why do we need to make it ourselves?  Do we think we can do a better job?

So before you go taking your vitamins, ask yourself “what is in them.”  Vitamins can be a huge benefit, but you need to know what you are feeding your body and cells, is of the best quality.  In my opinion, synthetic vitamins aren’t up to the task.  Who’s with me?



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