Power of Concentrate!

19 03 2012

I have a few thoughts on the power of concentrate.  Not concentration, but concentrate.  What do I mean?  Well, when you buy a product at the store like windex.  What’s in it?  Yes it’s a window cleaner, but what is in that bottle of cleaner?  It has some chemicals, and that is mixed into a large concentrate of a little thing called water.  So this begs the question, why are you paying for a cleaner that is mostly made up of water?  Why not save some money by purchasing a concentrate, such as Basic H2.  I mean, the H2 in a 16oz bottle, costs a whopping $12.15 retail and $10.35 for members of Shaklee.

Now you might be thinking that is pricey, but wait a second!  I’m talking about a concentrate, where you would then add the water yourself to create either a window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, or degreaser.  So in reality you are purchasing a multi purpose product, and to top it off here is a breakdown of how to use the H2.  If you want to make Window Cleaner: 2 drops of H2 in a 16oz spray bottle.  Yes I said that right, 2 drops!  All purpose cleaner: 1/4 teaspoon in 16oz spray bottle.  Degreaser: 1.5 teaspoons in 16oz spray bottle.

So when you look at the big picture, a 16oz bottle of Basic H2 packs a powerful punch!  On top of that, here are some other interesting facts about H2.  Think about how much waste you are saving from the landfill, by using 1 bottle to fill 3 – 16oz reusable spray bottles.  The entire Shaklee Get Clean product line consists of earth-friendly products with sustainable ingredients from natural sources.  The product line contains biodegradable surfactants, recyclable packing, wipes and dryer sheets.  How cool is that?  The packaging, wipes and dryer sheets are all able to go in the “blue” bin!  It does not contain chlorine bleach, phosphates, nitrates, borates, or VOCs.

So next time you are in need of products to clean your home, give the Get Clean products a try and ease the burden on your wallet!  All the while, creating a better environment for your family and our earth!  If you need some product now, email me at gainwealth78@gmail.com.  I will give you a first time buyers discount, and a bonus product.  Just let me know you read about it here and I can get you taken care of!

Disclaimer:  Not for existing Shaklee customers!



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