Weather or Not?

19 03 2012

Have you ever realized how much the weather can effect our moods?  The reason I said weather or not, is because I think the weather can sway our decisions on weather or not we get things done on that day!  Have you ever woken up in the morning and it was snowing or raining and just seemed gloomy?  Well how did you feel?  Did you think about just pulling up the blanket and going back to sleep?  That would be the “I’m not” going to do anything today effect.


What about the opposite.  You wake up to a beautiful sunny morning with the birds chirping and decide to get out and do all of those projects you have been putting off.  Isn’t it interesting how that works?


The same can be said about being effective at work.  You are responsible for weather or not you get things done at work.  So the question I want to pose for you today is this.  What kind of environment is your office?  Is it a place that gives you energy to accomplish what needs to be done (bright sunny day) or is it a downer (gloomy rainy day)?

The point here is to create a working environment for yourself that gives you the energy to be the best at what you do.  If you need to put a live plant in your office, fish tank, or just straighten it up.  Do it!  In the long run you will be more effective and overall a greater asset to your company.  Let alone, be happier in the process!  Just my thoughts, take them or leave them.



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