Mind Games

26 03 2012

My second thought for the day deals with mind games.  Not the type that others play on us, but the ones that we play on ourselves.  I’m sure at one point or another throughout everyone’s lives, they have had their mind play games on them.  For example, have you ever felt prepared for a test or speech, and then in the moment you start to doubt yourself?  This is something that we all need to realize and overcome.  When you have a business presentation or just sharing thoughts with friends, being able to keep your mind in check is something that is very valuable.  I have had moments when I am asked to stand in front of friends and share a few thoughts that I get nervous.  Why should I get nervous standing in front of my friends?  For that matter why should I get nervous standing in front of anybody if I am sharing something I have knowledge about?  The only time I think the nervousness should come in is if we aren’t prepared.  That is a real reason to feel nervous, but our minds can make us feel that way even when we have knowledge.

I don’t know how to tell you to overcome this, but to be prepared is the first and most important step.  After that, you need to have confidence in yourself and all should be alright.  Don’t let the mind games that you play on yourself limit your potential!  We all have huge potential regardless of where we come from or how we were raised.  The only way to achieve this potential is to overcome ourselves and the mind games we can play on ourselves.  Reach your potential and feel the joy that will come from achieving something you didn’t think you could!



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5 04 2012

Just discovering your blog. Great post(s).

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