Watch What You Wear

28 03 2012

Yeah, you are probably asking yourself what is this fool talking about.  Well save that question for the end of the thought and see if you would still say that.

When we talk about work or even just a day in life, there is something that can play a role in how you feel.  Your clothing.  This is nothing new to most women, because they are more concerned about appearance then most of us men.  The relation of what you wear to how you act or feel is something very powerful.  To put it in plain simple form, think about when you go on a date.  Do you get spiff’d up? Guys?  Yeah, we usually won’t wear our favorite band’s shirt, or our clothes that we work on our cars with, right!  We get into something nice, possibly even shave, and definitely brush our teeth.  You aren’t doing this just to impress the date, but you are doing it to feel more confident!  Women this applies to you too.  How do you feel about yourselves when you lounge around the house in your schlumpy clothes?  Compare that to how you feel when you get all dressed up and ready for a night out on the town.

So the reason I bring this up, it plays into the previous post about “mind games.”  Watching what you wear can give you confidence, and in turn help your mind be more sure of itself.  Clothes do matter!  It doesn’t need to be a specific brand or cost a load of money, but it needs to make you feel good about yourself.  If you don’t believe me, go out and try on some clothes that are gonna make you look really good.  When you feel good about yourself, it lifts your spirit and will allow you to accomplish things you never imagined possible.  It could improve so many aspects of your life, including family, business, friends, and most importantly self image!

So for heaven sakes people watch what you wear, and wear it with confidence!  Don’t end up looking like this, and in turn feeling like this guy does!  LOL




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28 03 2012

I am on the same page with you, clothes do matter and affect our mood and even life. On my blog I want to inspire people in my hometown to do so:

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