Smile, it works!

5 04 2012

The other day I tried something out, I smiled while shopping to see what effect it would have.  It was amazing the difference it made.  People would look at me, and (wait for it)…….smile back!  It is interesting to see the change in a person when they go from a sullen face to a smile.  It brings a sense of happiness and brightens the day.  It seems in this day and age, with our iPods, iPhones, and multiple other electronic gadgets to keep us “busy” we don’t see what life is going on around us.  So put a smile on and go see how it affects those around you.  If you are looking for signs of it’s power, you will notice that it will make a big difference not only for you, but for anyone that looks at you.

If we could all just smile instead of looking kind of like zombies, life would be more enjoyable for all of us!  And it can change our outlook on life, business, sport, etc.  Smile, it works!




2 responses

5 04 2012

Thanks for spreading your smile through an electronic device 🙂 let’s create a virus, get the world smiling more!

5 04 2012

I agree! Thanks for the comment!

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