Remembrance is Power

29 05 2012

So after this weekend, I started thinking about the power that remembering those that have passed before us can bring.
I mean, I haven’t seen a world war! I was raised by my grand “parents” and my dad had many stories from WWII that he shared with me. The reason I think remembering family that have gone before is quite simple. They went through a lot of things that my generation hasn’t had to deal with. That in itself gave them a greater respect for others, and country. I feel like in this day the respect is lost. For all of you that remember when 9-11 happened, I think that had an impact on us at the time and we had pride in our country again.
I don’t think we need tragedies to happen in order for us to have pride in our country and love for eachother….we just need to look back on events throughout time that have impacted us or those that came before us.
Why is remembering power? Because it can change the way we view our situation and humble us to the point we are grateful for our freedom, and ultimately our power to choose.
My love and thanks go out to all military that are active, inactive, or as my dad is passed on. I thank you for your pride in our country and the freedoms it provides! Also, my good feelings of love and care go out to all of you. Let us remember what we should be thankful for everyday and it will empower our society!

Live to Live

21 05 2012

When you sit down and think about what life is all about, what is your answer?  Is it a test?  Is it a party?  What do you think?  Whatever your answer is, I think my phrase “Live to Live” applies to you too!  What I mean by Live to Live is that make everyday something that you are proud of.  Don’t waste away days by being down, or angry etc.  But treat every day like you only have a few days left.  

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day grind and almost feel like a robot.  Don’t be a robot!  Make a memory daily and be proud of what you are doing in life.  The old saying “life is short,” is so true!  When we were younger it seemed like life was an eternity.  But now I look at life and say to myself that it is going by so dang fast I better pay attention and live to live.

Whatever you are doing and how ever old you are, you can make the adjustment and begin living life to it’s potential.  We are here now, so let’s enjoy what we have and look forward to as many days of joy and happiness as we can.  I’ve seen on other blogs that a lot of you have put together bucket lists.  I am going to start my bucket list today, and I think if you don’t have one you should too.  It’s a great way to give yourself something to aim for in life.  My thoughts and ramblings for the day.  Comments or Thoughts are very welcomed!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

17 05 2012

What if a friend told you that they had something that has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?  Something that would help you feel better, give you energy, and create a base of health.  Would it be something you would consider looking into?  Does the answer change if it is coming from somebody that you haven’t met in person, but have read their blog?

I would probably take a wild guess and answer for you.  If it was from a friend, yes is more likely.  If it is based off of a blog, the answer is likely a no.  Why?  Is it because in these days we have so little faith in others?  Have we been burned too many times?  Or is it because we no longer trust other people?

My question to you then would be this.  If you were to take a leap of faith and try something that could give you more energy and improved health would you?  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  And the products are backed by a company that has been around for 56 years.  Go check out my website at

If you order $50 of product this week by Sunday, I will personally send you a $20 gift certificate for a future purchase!  All you need to do is go to my website and order, then shoot me an email at and let me know you ordered because of my blog.

Take a step of faith, and join me in the pursuit of health and wealth!  Think about it this way, you have faith in other drivers on the road or a pilot in a plane.  If you have been following my blog for any amount of time, even if this is the first post you’ve read.  You know me better then you know the drivers or pilot.  Try it out, it will be worth it!


Success is Earned

16 05 2012

Can you be successful without work?  No!  It seems to me that in this day and age, the work ethic we have in this country would be disappointing to our ancestors.  A lot of us coast along in life without trying to really succeed.  It is easier to just be happy with where we are at then to earn success.

If you take most of the richest people in the world, they have worked their tails off to earn their success.  Yes, some of them have inherited fortunes and those aren’t necessarily the ones I’m talking about.  They received their fortune because their parents worked their tails off.  My point is this.

If you or somebody you know wants to be successful, it requires dedication and a solid work ethic.  Keep on grinding and eventually you will see the fruits of your labor.  I have created a program to help people create their own business, and earn money up front to help motivate them to do so.  What would an extra $400 do for you?  What about earning $1200 in 3 months with an income of $800 a month after that?  If you’d like to see what I have to offer, email me at!

If not, keep on working hard and success is yours to be had!

Price of Wealth

7 05 2012

I am constantly amazed at the response created by money.  If I were to stand in the street and throw $100 bills into the air, what kind of response would I get?  People clambering to get themselves one or more of those precious bills.  There might be some fighting or at least anger created over them too.  It would be like releasing a pack of lions into a butcher shop.

Is that what kind of people we are at our core?  Are we just tame wild animal’s?  Tame from day to day, but when something like money is involved we allow ourselves to become wild and uncontrollable?  The reason I bring this up, is because I’ve heard stories and seen families literally torn apart because of “earthly” possessions.  Is it really worth it?  Should we let relationships with family, friends, or anyone we care about deteriorate because of something like money or possessions?

I would write my typical “No” response above, because I feel it’s a no brainer…….but I don’t think everyone would agree with that statement.  The phrase that comes to mind at this point is, “it’s not how you act, but how you react!”  I think you can tell more about a person by the way they react then you can by how they act.  People are very good at portraying the person they want everyone to think they are.  But when something happens and you react out of instinct, that is a more true portrayal of the type of person you are.  At least in my opinion.

If you throw the almighty dollar into the mix, it is likely to bring to the surface everyone’s core personality.  The old saying “money is the root of all evil.” doesn’t paint the whole picture.  Money can be used to benefit and enrich lives, the pursuit of money at all cost is in itself evil.  The love or lust of money over family, friends, or others is also evil.  Do I love money?  Why yes I do.  Would I put money over my family, or even friends?  No way!

My point today is this.  Don’t allow yourselves to have money make the person you are!  Money can be used to benefit your life, but don’t let it control you.  If you see that money is causing contention in your personal life, try to look at the other aspects of your life and you will see it’s not worth the drama.

Let money bless your life and the lives of those around you, but don’t let it take over your life.  When you look back on your life when you know you are coming to the end……don’t let your story be all about the benjamins!


Gaining Wealth?!?

4 05 2012

Wealth can mean different things to different people.  But the most common use of wealth is related to money.  You can also have a wealth of knowledge.  The greatest wealth I think you can have is experiences.  The more things you can experience in life the more wealthy you are.  If you have loads of money, but have spent your entire life working and not enjoying what’s going on around you….is that wealth?  Yes, in terms of money.  But No in terms of life enriching experience.  So I strive to experience culture, nature, and of course time with my family.  Money can be a great power, but the pursuit of it shouldn’t consume our lives and limit our ability to gain a wealthy life!

Just thought this would be a good topic heading into the weekend!  Enjoy!

What’s your Concern?

3 05 2012

When somebody approaches you and says they are in MLM why do you instantly shut down?  What’s your concern?  Have you been involved in an MLM and been burned?  Have you not made money like the person who brought you in promised you would?  What is it that hold’s you back from taking control of your own life and building a business that can be passed on from generation to generation?

This article is honestly more of a curiosity poll then a deep thought article.  If you are one of my followers or have found me for the first time, I haven’t hid that I am involved in an MLM.  I’m a Shaklee Distributor to be exact.  I live in Salt Lake City, Utah the MLM mecca of the world.  It’s almost like every “new” MLM that comes out is based here in Utah.  So as I’m sure you can guess, a lot of people have been burned or even just burned out on the idea of an MLM business.  So for those of you out there that have had good or bad experiences with an MLM please share.  Because I’m curious what the majority of people’s concern is with this industry.

If the idea of being your own boss, making your own hours, and the possibility of making as much if not way more money then you do now doesn’t make you curious what would?  Isn’t the goal in most people’s business lives to “move up the ladder?”  But every rung of the ladder has a boss telling you what to do, unless you are the owner of the company.  Why not “move up the ladder” while building your own business and being your own boss?  Yes, it is hard!  That is something that should be pretty obvious, because is it easy to move up the ladder in your company?  

Please comment about your thoughts on MLM.  I am very interested to hear what all of you have to say.  So don’t be shy!  Shoot me a comment and let the discussion begin!