What Good is Money?

2 05 2012

I’ve titled this article “what good is money?” for several reasons.  I’d like to make you think about money for a minute.

We all know that money can buy clothes, food, homes, cars, etc. and that we pretty much all view it as a necessity.  I agree!  It is something that in this day we all need to survive.  But really what good is it?  What do I mean?

Well, let me share a few thoughts that ran through my head last night while I was trying to go to sleep.

First, imagine yourself as a millionaire.  You have a lot of nice things, and a ton of money sitting nicely in the bank.  Then the world’s financial system has a complete collapse and everything goes to pot.  What then?  With your money sitting in the bank, chances are it could easily be lost during a financial crisis.  You could be left with little to nothing.  Just a thought.

Second, once again you are a millionaire.  Nice stuff, etc.  When a natural disaster hits and it’s pretty devastating to a large region.  Is cash going to help you out?  Maybe to start a fire to stay warm!  But we have all seen how when a disaster strikes, stores are the first to be depleted.

We all need money, to survive.  But sometimes, survival will come from what you do with your money!  This brings me to the point of being prepared.  Food and Water storage should be something we all have in our homes.  Yes, it isn’t easy to store food or water for that matter, but isn’t it worth it?  Currently we have probably about 3 months worth of random food in our “food storage.”  And about a year ago I bought this awesome 260 gallon water tank that sits in the corner of my garage.Image

So what I am trying to say is this: “Money is great, but don’t rely only on money when tough times might be around the corner.”  Disasters happen, we don’t know when they will so be prepared.  Start now, and slowly work your way up to a good amount of storage.  Right now, it might seem dumb or not needed.  But when the brown stuff hits the fan, being prepared won’t seem dumb!  Thoughts or comments please share!



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