Life….an Adventure!

3 05 2012

I was thinking today how sometimes our lives might seem repetitive or even boring, but the reality is that every day is a new adventure.  Yes at work we might be doing pretty much the same thing we did yesterday, and yes we might go to bed at the same time as last night, etc.  But, even though we think it is the same boring thing day after day, the reality is that it’s an adventure.

You might not see it right now.  But if you really set out to make your day interesting and fun regardless of what you are doing, you’d be surprised at how interesting it could be!  The reason I felt like bringing this up, is because I feel like sometimes in life we are a pretty negative society.  Most people when you say “work” don’t get excited or happy.  We look forward to the weekend when we have days off.  But, why does what we do to make money have to be so boring?  Is it truly that boring or are we just not happy with where we are at?  Yes sometimes work is hard, but if we can face those challenges with a positive attitude we might just begin to enjoy what we do.

I bring this up, because sometimes I get down at work.  Being self employed means that getting down at work is going to cause a big problem.  I don’t have a boss telling me what needs to be done today or tomorrow, but I have to tell myself those things.  Do you think I’m effective if I’m down on work?  No way!  So if being self employed has taught me anything, it is that we need to take every day challenges and face them like they are an adventure!  The sense of accomplishment that comes during the “hard” times is what can keep you motivated for long periods of time.  Keep your heads up, and as I stated earlier in my blog…..SMILE!  Positive attitudes and smiles are contagious and will benefit any business or life!




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