100% Satisfaction Guarantee

17 05 2012

What if a friend told you that they had something that has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?  Something that would help you feel better, give you energy, and create a base of health.  Would it be something you would consider looking into?  Does the answer change if it is coming from somebody that you haven’t met in person, but have read their blog?

I would probably take a wild guess and answer for you.  If it was from a friend, yes is more likely.  If it is based off of a blog, the answer is likely a no.  Why?  Is it because in these days we have so little faith in others?  Have we been burned too many times?  Or is it because we no longer trust other people?

My question to you then would be this.  If you were to take a leap of faith and try something that could give you more energy and improved health would you?  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  And the products are backed by a company that has been around for 56 years.  Go check out my website at http://madsen-associated.myshaklee.com

If you order $50 of product this week by Sunday, I will personally send you a $20 gift certificate for a future purchase!  All you need to do is go to my website and order, then shoot me an email at gainwealth78@gmail.com and let me know you ordered because of my blog.

Take a step of faith, and join me in the pursuit of health and wealth!  Think about it this way, you have faith in other drivers on the road or a pilot in a plane.  If you have been following my blog for any amount of time, even if this is the first post you’ve read.  You know me better then you know the drivers or pilot.  Try it out, it will be worth it!




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