Live to Live

21 05 2012

When you sit down and think about what life is all about, what is your answer?  Is it a test?  Is it a party?  What do you think?  Whatever your answer is, I think my phrase “Live to Live” applies to you too!  What I mean by Live to Live is that make everyday something that you are proud of.  Don’t waste away days by being down, or angry etc.  But treat every day like you only have a few days left.  

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day grind and almost feel like a robot.  Don’t be a robot!  Make a memory daily and be proud of what you are doing in life.  The old saying “life is short,” is so true!  When we were younger it seemed like life was an eternity.  But now I look at life and say to myself that it is going by so dang fast I better pay attention and live to live.

Whatever you are doing and how ever old you are, you can make the adjustment and begin living life to it’s potential.  We are here now, so let’s enjoy what we have and look forward to as many days of joy and happiness as we can.  I’ve seen on other blogs that a lot of you have put together bucket lists.  I am going to start my bucket list today, and I think if you don’t have one you should too.  It’s a great way to give yourself something to aim for in life.  My thoughts and ramblings for the day.  Comments or Thoughts are very welcomed!



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