Remembrance is Power

29 05 2012

So after this weekend, I started thinking about the power that remembering those that have passed before us can bring.
I mean, I haven’t seen a world war! I was raised by my grand “parents” and my dad had many stories from WWII that he shared with me. The reason I think remembering family that have gone before is quite simple. They went through a lot of things that my generation hasn’t had to deal with. That in itself gave them a greater respect for others, and country. I feel like in this day the respect is lost. For all of you that remember when 9-11 happened, I think that had an impact on us at the time and we had pride in our country again.
I don’t think we need tragedies to happen in order for us to have pride in our country and love for eachother….we just need to look back on events throughout time that have impacted us or those that came before us.
Why is remembering power? Because it can change the way we view our situation and humble us to the point we are grateful for our freedom, and ultimately our power to choose.
My love and thanks go out to all military that are active, inactive, or as my dad is passed on. I thank you for your pride in our country and the freedoms it provides! Also, my good feelings of love and care go out to all of you. Let us remember what we should be thankful for everyday and it will empower our society!



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