Life & Lifestyle

3 01 2013

When you look at those two words, what is it that comes to mind?

For me, Life represents the overall experience that we have while we are alive.  Lifestyle, represents the “things” we enjoy while we experience “life.”  So in reality they go hand in hand.  I think the real trick in life is to enjoy every minute of every day, regardless of what “lifestyle” perks you have or don’t have.  In other words be happy with where you are.  If you are trying to improve your lifestyle/life, keep it up!  But don’t let your goal, be your only happiness.  Let the journey to your goal be part of the happiness.

I know it’s easier said then done, but life is short and we need to seize every moment we can!

Thoughts or comments are always welcome!

CinchItUp Club, Join Me In Helping Lighten The Earth!

18 09 2012

I talked a bit about the CinchItUp Club page that I created on FaceBook last post, but here is my first photo upload to that page.  It’s been 4 weeks since I started Cinch and I have lost over 10 Lbs.  I will be posting how many inches I’ve lost once I find my measuring tape. LOL!  But for now, I leave you with the visual loss I have experienced.  I am passionate about loosing weight, and also helping others in their journey.  I would love to have anyone that is loosing weight or wanting to lose weight to join my FaceBook page.  I want to see people succeed and achieve their goals.  So let’s team up and keep each other motivated!


Click on the picture because it is a side by side comparison after 4 weeks!

Summer Joy

25 06 2012

Have you ever noticed that when it is summer, more people are smiling and seem to be enjoying life?  I mean you get that some in the spring and fall, but it just seems to me that when winter comes everyone becomes blahhh.

So what is it about summer that makes such a difference?  Is it the warmth?  The green?  The sun?  What is it?  I personally love spring, summer, and fall.  Sometimes I actually enjoy winter, but not as much.

Where am I going with this?  Well, it seems to me that with everyone in a “better” mood in the summer, that businesses would flourish at that time of year.  Like I have mentioned earlier in my blog, when we are in an upbeat mood, and happy we are more effective at our jobs.  Or does summer have a different effect on our job performance?  It is so nice outside, that you want to be out there and the knowledge that you have to work makes you depressed?

Once again, my point is that if we can find something that motivates us to be in a “great” mood our job performance, family performance, and lives in general will be more enjoyable.  So find whatever it is that makes you happy and make it work for you!

If there is one thing in this world that I absolutely love and will always put a smile on my face, it would have to be first off my family.  But also, sunsets!  Sunsets are one part of life that I can never get enough of.  We were just recently on vacation (hence the reason this blog has been sitting) and no matter where we were at the time of the sunset, I wanted to see it.  That’s just how I am, the beauty of the sun passing the horizon is something I will never get sick of and something that can motivate me from day to day!

Find what motivates you and keeps you upbeat and life in all aspects will be spectacular!

(Picture I took with my iPhone on vacation)


Price of Wealth

7 05 2012

I am constantly amazed at the response created by money.  If I were to stand in the street and throw $100 bills into the air, what kind of response would I get?  People clambering to get themselves one or more of those precious bills.  There might be some fighting or at least anger created over them too.  It would be like releasing a pack of lions into a butcher shop.

Is that what kind of people we are at our core?  Are we just tame wild animal’s?  Tame from day to day, but when something like money is involved we allow ourselves to become wild and uncontrollable?  The reason I bring this up, is because I’ve heard stories and seen families literally torn apart because of “earthly” possessions.  Is it really worth it?  Should we let relationships with family, friends, or anyone we care about deteriorate because of something like money or possessions?

I would write my typical “No” response above, because I feel it’s a no brainer…….but I don’t think everyone would agree with that statement.  The phrase that comes to mind at this point is, “it’s not how you act, but how you react!”  I think you can tell more about a person by the way they react then you can by how they act.  People are very good at portraying the person they want everyone to think they are.  But when something happens and you react out of instinct, that is a more true portrayal of the type of person you are.  At least in my opinion.

If you throw the almighty dollar into the mix, it is likely to bring to the surface everyone’s core personality.  The old saying “money is the root of all evil.” doesn’t paint the whole picture.  Money can be used to benefit and enrich lives, the pursuit of money at all cost is in itself evil.  The love or lust of money over family, friends, or others is also evil.  Do I love money?  Why yes I do.  Would I put money over my family, or even friends?  No way!

My point today is this.  Don’t allow yourselves to have money make the person you are!  Money can be used to benefit your life, but don’t let it control you.  If you see that money is causing contention in your personal life, try to look at the other aspects of your life and you will see it’s not worth the drama.

Let money bless your life and the lives of those around you, but don’t let it take over your life.  When you look back on your life when you know you are coming to the end……don’t let your story be all about the benjamins!


Gaining Wealth?!?

4 05 2012

Wealth can mean different things to different people.  But the most common use of wealth is related to money.  You can also have a wealth of knowledge.  The greatest wealth I think you can have is experiences.  The more things you can experience in life the more wealthy you are.  If you have loads of money, but have spent your entire life working and not enjoying what’s going on around you….is that wealth?  Yes, in terms of money.  But No in terms of life enriching experience.  So I strive to experience culture, nature, and of course time with my family.  Money can be a great power, but the pursuit of it shouldn’t consume our lives and limit our ability to gain a wealthy life!

Just thought this would be a good topic heading into the weekend!  Enjoy!

What Good is Money?

2 05 2012

I’ve titled this article “what good is money?” for several reasons.  I’d like to make you think about money for a minute.

We all know that money can buy clothes, food, homes, cars, etc. and that we pretty much all view it as a necessity.  I agree!  It is something that in this day we all need to survive.  But really what good is it?  What do I mean?

Well, let me share a few thoughts that ran through my head last night while I was trying to go to sleep.

First, imagine yourself as a millionaire.  You have a lot of nice things, and a ton of money sitting nicely in the bank.  Then the world’s financial system has a complete collapse and everything goes to pot.  What then?  With your money sitting in the bank, chances are it could easily be lost during a financial crisis.  You could be left with little to nothing.  Just a thought.

Second, once again you are a millionaire.  Nice stuff, etc.  When a natural disaster hits and it’s pretty devastating to a large region.  Is cash going to help you out?  Maybe to start a fire to stay warm!  But we have all seen how when a disaster strikes, stores are the first to be depleted.

We all need money, to survive.  But sometimes, survival will come from what you do with your money!  This brings me to the point of being prepared.  Food and Water storage should be something we all have in our homes.  Yes, it isn’t easy to store food or water for that matter, but isn’t it worth it?  Currently we have probably about 3 months worth of random food in our “food storage.”  And about a year ago I bought this awesome 260 gallon water tank that sits in the corner of my garage.Image

So what I am trying to say is this: “Money is great, but don’t rely only on money when tough times might be around the corner.”  Disasters happen, we don’t know when they will so be prepared.  Start now, and slowly work your way up to a good amount of storage.  Right now, it might seem dumb or not needed.  But when the brown stuff hits the fan, being prepared won’t seem dumb!  Thoughts or comments please share!

Overland Adventuring?

1 05 2012

I have been modding my Jeep, and have kind of actually started to fall in love with the idea of Overland Adventures.  What is Overlanding you ask?  Well here is a brief explanation that I have read.

Overlanding is about exploration, rather than conquering obstacles. While the roads and trails we travel might be rough or technically challenging, they are the means to an end, not the goal itself. The goal is to see and learn about our world, whether on a weekend trip 100 miles from home or a 10,000-mile expedition across another continent. The vehicle and equipment can be simple or extravagant – they, too, are simply means to an end. History, wildlife, culture, scenery, self-sufficiency – these are the rewards of overlanding.

Now the reason I decided to put this on my blog is because of a couple of reasons.  First, we all live in our own little spheres of life….so why not explore other peoples spheres of life and see how others live.  Second, I feel like most of us have some desire to see other places on this beautiful earth.  Third, life is short and we should try and experience as much of the beauty and life that surrounds us.

At this time in my life, I have 3 young kids so long overland adventures are kind of a no go right now.  But that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t start with 2-3 day trips with the family and see how it goes.  There is something about getting away from the hustle bustle of the city and enjoying the wilderness.  I enjoy it, my wife (for the most part) enjoy’s it, and my kids love it!

So with all of the things we all “have to get done” in our lives, don’t let “life” pass you bye!  Get out and enjoy life, and nature!