Greener Living

23 04 2013

Greener Living

Since Earth Day was yesterday I thought maybe I should post something up.  So here is a link to some tips to being more “Green.”  I feel like we can all do a little bit better at taking care of our planet.  I’m not the type that says go out and buy a Prius, put solar panels on your home, and start living off the grid.  I’m in no way an extreme “green” person….I drive an ’08 M3 that has a V8 and 414 horsepower, so obviously it doesn’t get 100mpg, but I do have all CFL lightbulbs in my home and hope to be upgrading to LED’s in a short time.  So my point is, try to do something this year to be a bit more green.  Let’s try and treat our Earth with a little more love, after all it is our home!

Lifestyle + Earth = ???

26 04 2012

The other day I posted that I was back in the saddle again, and then began writing this post.  But my internet went down and so did my post.  But here we go again!

While planning my Earth Day event, I came across some statistics that frankly blew my mind!  Before we get to those let me share a few of my thoughts about our lifestyles in this day and age.  We can take me for example and talk about what I like.  I love cars, and have had my fair share of them in the 18 years I’ve been able to drive.  The longest I have ever been able to manage to hold on to a car is 3 years.  The least is a year, but I go through them rather quickly.  They end up getting sold to somebody else, and I keep them in great condition but I change cars a lot!  That kind of attitude also shifts over into other aspects of our lives.  Take computers for example.  The technology changes quickly, and the computer you bought last year isn’t the top of the line anymore.  Can it do what you need it to do?  Most likely yes, but something in our way of thinking makes us want the new “cooler” more awesome machine.  Take the iPhone or iPad for example.  You might have one, but when the next one comes out are you going to want that one?  I know I will!  LOL!

But this brings me to my point.  We go through things quickly, and what happens to them after we are done with them?  Do we recycle them?  Do we sell them?  I would like everyone to think about a few things today as you go through your day.  Every time you throw something in the trash today, think about whether it needs to go in the garbage or if it should go in the recycle bin.  If we become a little more aware of what we are doing throughout the day, we might be able to make a change for good in the world.  Why would that matter?  Well here are the stats I mentioned earlier.

  • To produce each week’s Sunday newspapers, 500,000 trees must be cut down.
  • Recycling a single run of the Sunday New York Times would save 75,000 trees.
  • The amount of wood and paper we throw away each year is enough to heat 50,000,000 homes for 20 years.
  • Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour! Most of them are thrown away!
  • Recycling plastic saves twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator.
  • About one-third of an average dump is made up of packaging material!
  • Rainforests are being cut down at the rate of 100 acres per minute!
  • On average, each one of us produces 4.4 pounds of solid waste each day. This adds up to almost a ton of trash per person, per year.

These are just a few of the stats that I found while looking into my Earth Day Celebration.  So my point it this: Recycle what can be recycled, and try to minimize 4.4 pounds of waste each day!  The reason I feel so passionate about this, is because I have 3 kids.  I don’t want them to have to clean up our mess, or live like the humans do on Wall-E.  If you remember in the movie, the humans were flying around in a spaceship because earth was no longer able to sustain life.  Why?  Because of all of the garbage!  Let’s try and clean up our act, and make sure we are recycling what we can and if you want to go another step further, compost what you can too.  My 2 cents for the day!  Please comment and let me know what you think.

Let’s keep our mountains looking like this….


And not this….


Earth Day Weekend

17 04 2012

This weekend is Earth Day, and I would challenge all of us to take some time in our busy lives to enjoy what we have. Go and sit at the park, or go to the mountains, beach, or even just out the front door.  But take a moment to breathe and really take in the grandeur of this place we all call home.  The earth is something that is very interesting, and how everything works is fascinating.  It’s really amazing how we all enjoy different lives, but we are all interwoven in this time in the earth’s history.  Let’s enjoy what we have, and strive to make it better for our future generations.  Let’s find at least one thing we can do this year to “help” keep our earth healthy.

Happy early Earth Day to all of you!


Earth Day Celebration

2560 East 3300 South #100

Salt Lake City UT  84109

Saturday April 21 from 2-5pm

Power of Concentrate!

19 03 2012

I have a few thoughts on the power of concentrate.  Not concentration, but concentrate.  What do I mean?  Well, when you buy a product at the store like windex.  What’s in it?  Yes it’s a window cleaner, but what is in that bottle of cleaner?  It has some chemicals, and that is mixed into a large concentrate of a little thing called water.  So this begs the question, why are you paying for a cleaner that is mostly made up of water?  Why not save some money by purchasing a concentrate, such as Basic H2.  I mean, the H2 in a 16oz bottle, costs a whopping $12.15 retail and $10.35 for members of Shaklee.

Now you might be thinking that is pricey, but wait a second!  I’m talking about a concentrate, where you would then add the water yourself to create either a window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, or degreaser.  So in reality you are purchasing a multi purpose product, and to top it off here is a breakdown of how to use the H2.  If you want to make Window Cleaner: 2 drops of H2 in a 16oz spray bottle.  Yes I said that right, 2 drops!  All purpose cleaner: 1/4 teaspoon in 16oz spray bottle.  Degreaser: 1.5 teaspoons in 16oz spray bottle.

So when you look at the big picture, a 16oz bottle of Basic H2 packs a powerful punch!  On top of that, here are some other interesting facts about H2.  Think about how much waste you are saving from the landfill, by using 1 bottle to fill 3 – 16oz reusable spray bottles.  The entire Shaklee Get Clean product line consists of earth-friendly products with sustainable ingredients from natural sources.  The product line contains biodegradable surfactants, recyclable packing, wipes and dryer sheets.  How cool is that?  The packaging, wipes and dryer sheets are all able to go in the “blue” bin!  It does not contain chlorine bleach, phosphates, nitrates, borates, or VOCs.

So next time you are in need of products to clean your home, give the Get Clean products a try and ease the burden on your wallet!  All the while, creating a better environment for your family and our earth!  If you need some product now, email me at  I will give you a first time buyers discount, and a bonus product.  Just let me know you read about it here and I can get you taken care of!

Disclaimer:  Not for existing Shaklee customers!

Environmental Leadership

9 03 2012

If you don’t know yet what my business is, read below and be amazed what our company has achieved over the years!  Now remember a few things, while looking at this.  “Green” products as seen in the current day didn’t exist until about 10-15 years ago, if that.  Phosphates were just removed from dishwasher detergent recently, because of the harm they can cause us.  What else is in the products we use daily that hasn’t been removed yet, but could be harmful to us?  Read on and fall in love!

1956 – Company founded with commitment to develop products to improve the health of people and the planet.

1960s – One of the first Non-Toxic, Biodegradable Cleaners developed.

1970s – One of the first biodegradable laundry detergents without phosphates, nitrates, or borates developed.


     1985 – selected by the Wild Dolphin Project to provide environmentally-friendly cleaning products for use onboard their research vessel, Stenella.

1986 – provided financial support and products for the first recorded, unsupported expedition by dog sled to the North Pole, led by National Geographic award-winning polar explorer, author, and educator Will Steger.

1987 – selected by Jacques Cousteau and the Cousteau Society to provide environmentally friendly cleaning products for use onboard their research vessels, the Calypso and Alcyone.

1989 – helped build schools and health clinics and planted more than one million trees in Asia through a partnership with the American Himalayan Foundation, an organization chaired by Sir Edmund Hillary.

1989-90 – provided financial and product support for a trans-Antarctica expedition led by Will Steger, which was the first crossing of Antarctica on foot, covering 3,700 miles. Following this expedition, Steger testified before Congress on polar and environmental issues and co-founded the Center for Environmental Education.


1990 – nontoxic and biodegradable Basic-H® was chosen as one of the first official Earth Day products.

1991 – introduces Basic-D®, one of the first phosphate-free automatic dishwashing detergents.

1992 – a nonprofit organization, was established and dedicated to providing relief from natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes, whose severity has been compounded by climate change.

1995 – provided financial and product support for the third International Arctic Project led by Will Steger. This was the first surface crossing of the 2,500-mile-wide Arctic Ocean. The expedition brought information about environmental issues and changes to the polar landscape to millions of school children worldwide.

1996 – environmentally-friendly cleaning products were selected by Ocean Alliance and the Whale Conservation Institute to be used onboard the Odyssey, a research vessel that gathers data on contaminants throughout the world’s oceans. This relationship continues today.

1998 – becomes a Charter Partner of the U.S. EPA’s Climate Wise Program, which set aggressive corporate-wide greenhouse gas reduction goals.


2000 – becomes the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral™ certification and totally offset its COemissions.

2000 – opens its World Headquarters, one of the first green, energy-saving, award-winning buildings designed using sustainable materials, including certified sustainable wood, recycled carpets, and recycled plastics. In 2001, received the Savings by Design Energy Efficiency Integration Award by the American Institute of Architects.

2005  becomes a major partner of the Green Belt Movement, founded by Dr. Wangari Maathai, the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

2006 – Dr. Wangari Maathai becomes the Global Ambassador for A Million Trees. A Million Dreams™, an environmental campaign that raises awareness of global climate change and initiates efforts to plant trees in North America and Africa.

2006 – holds a first-ever carbon neutral conference in San Francisco by offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions from the Company’s 50th Anniversary Conference, attended by some 10,000 participants.

2006 – is selected as a U.S. EPA Climate Leader, pledging to maintain a net zero impact on climate change and offset 100% of its greenhouse gas emissions through 2009.

2006 – is commended by President Bill Clinton for leadership in offsetting carbon emissions by creating renewable energy in Africa and is recognized at the Clinton Global Initiative.

2007 – becomes a founding member of the Business Council on Climate Change, an organization of businesses that serves as an inspiration and model of global climate stewardship by implementing effective and economically sound solutions to climate change.

2007 – provides financial and product support for polar explorer Will Steger and his expedition. This brand-new expedition includes an extensive educational outreach campaign to students throughout America to raise awareness of the impact of global climate change on five Inuit communities in the Arctic.

2007 – is the first consumer products company to offset 100% of CO2 emissions through the EPA Climate Leader’s program and use 100% green power.

2007 – is selected by the nation’s leading child advocacy group, Healthy Child Healthy World, to be the exclusive partner for a new video titled, “Creating Healthy Environments for Children.”

2007 – is selected by the producers of THE 11th HOUR, a feature length documentary narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, as a partner due to its exemplary track record for environmental leadership.

2007 – partnered with Dr. Jeffrey Sachs and The Earth Institute at Columbia University to facilitate direct emissions reductions through the installation of solar-powered LED lanterns in Malawi. This installation project replaces inefficient and unhealthy kerosene wick lamps and provides an improved and sustainable source of reading and task lighting for villagers in Malawi.

2008 – named to the Top 20 Retail Partner list by the EPA Green Power Partnership in recognition of being a top purchaser of green power.

2009 – is 100% carbon neutral. The greenhouse gas inventories for 2008 covering all operations worldwide include US, Canada, Japan, China, Mexico and Taiwan, were reviewed by a third party, Econergy International, in accordance with the World Resources Institute protocol for all six Kyoto-defined greenhouse gases.

2009 – is honored with a Clean Air Award by Breathe California in recognition of it’s leadership in reducing global warming and improving air quality.

2009 – is honored with the Business Environmental Award for Sustainability from Acterra: Action for a Healthy Planet for environmental stewardship, climate action leadership and social equality.

2010 – is 100% carbon neutral. The greenhouse gas inventory for 2010 covering all operations worldwide include US, Canada, Japan, China, Mexico, Malaysia and Taiwan, were reviewed by a third party, WSP Environment & Energy, in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for all six Kyoto-defined greenhouse gases.

After reading these stats, would you agree with me that SHAKLEE has an impressive track record for being kind to our planet.  Shaklee products have been “green” before the word was even considered in the context that it is now.  Back then it was just a plain old color.  If this is the kind of partnership that you are looking for, the time is now and the place is here…