Most great peop…

24 10 2013

Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.

Napoleon Hill

The principles …

24 10 2013

The principles of living greatly include the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and trial with humility.

Thomas S. Monson

Vitamix 7500

16 01 2013

Vitamix 7500

So I just ordered my wife and I this baby! Anyone have any experience with it? It was honestly a toss up between this and the blendtec. I decided I liked the total control of the Vitamix, and it just seems like a better all-around unit.

What are your thoughts?

Weight of the World

9 01 2013

Something that I feel is a concern for us all is the “weight” of the world population.  Globesity is something that is taking over our planet.  We need to stop it, and encourage our families and friends to loose weight and get healthy!

I’ve seen my friends transform from being overweight to being healthy.  I’ve personally transformed myself and feel great.  My goal is to help others reach their goals of better health and overall happiness.  If you want to learn how I lost 30 lbs and didn’t loose muscle mass, go to my webpage here:

Wealth is Relative

7 01 2013

I’ve been thinking a lot about what “wealth” really is.  This whole fiscal cliff circus has really made me think about it seriously.  When somebody says that a person making x amount of dollars a year is “wealthy” how did they come to that conclusion?  Is it because the “wealthy” person makes more money?  And when that “wealthy” person looks at their life, do they consider themselves wealthy?  I have to say the saying “more money, more problems” is not too far off.  I mean having no money is a problem too, but typically when you make more money you adjust your lifestyle to use all that money.  So a person making more money doesn’t necessarily have more “extra” money at the end of the day.  They might have a nicer car, house, etc. but that will eat away the additional money they make.


Just thoughts rambling out of my head.  So when somebody says that a person making 250,000 a year is “wealthy” I have a problem with that.  Yes, that is a lot of money!  But are they really truly rich?  Or are they now living to that income, and just squeaking bye?  Anyways, my biggest concern when it comes to financial problems or situations is this.  I think we are doing our youth a disservice by not having finance classes as mandatory classes throughout High School, and maybe even starting in Junior High.  I’m not talking about just classes on saving, but on credit cards and how the APR’s work.  Investing, Loans, etc.  When I got my first credit card I had no idea how it worked.  And I got in over my head.  I think our kids deserve better.


Anyways, now that I have been all over the board, I will leave you with my phrase that “wealth is relative!”


Thoughts and opinions are more then welcome!

Weight a minute!!

4 01 2013

Weight a minute!!

So since January of 2012 I have managed to loose 30 lbs. Over the Holiday’s, I managed to gain 9 pounds back. Yes, I had sinus surgery, was on a bunch of drugs including prednisone and that didn’t help. But the reality is, I just ate too much crap! So I thought I would post up a picture of me at my lightest, and me today just to motivate me to get back on it.

Anybody have suggestions for a good facemask to run in the winter with? It’s been down in the teens and this morning it was 9* so I wouldn’t be out running unless I have something to cover my face. The cold is brutal on my freshly sliced up sinuses.

The point of this post is, that you have to maintain your good eating habits. Loose weight, feel good and then keep eating right or else…….

Life & Lifestyle

3 01 2013

When you look at those two words, what is it that comes to mind?

For me, Life represents the overall experience that we have while we are alive.  Lifestyle, represents the “things” we enjoy while we experience “life.”  So in reality they go hand in hand.  I think the real trick in life is to enjoy every minute of every day, regardless of what “lifestyle” perks you have or don’t have.  In other words be happy with where you are.  If you are trying to improve your lifestyle/life, keep it up!  But don’t let your goal, be your only happiness.  Let the journey to your goal be part of the happiness.

I know it’s easier said then done, but life is short and we need to seize every moment we can!

Thoughts or comments are always welcome!