Most great peop…

24 10 2013

Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.

Napoleon Hill

The principles …

24 10 2013

The principles of living greatly include the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and trial with humility.

Thomas S. Monson

Summer Joy

25 06 2012

Have you ever noticed that when it is summer, more people are smiling and seem to be enjoying life?  I mean you get that some in the spring and fall, but it just seems to me that when winter comes everyone becomes blahhh.

So what is it about summer that makes such a difference?  Is it the warmth?  The green?  The sun?  What is it?  I personally love spring, summer, and fall.  Sometimes I actually enjoy winter, but not as much.

Where am I going with this?  Well, it seems to me that with everyone in a “better” mood in the summer, that businesses would flourish at that time of year.  Like I have mentioned earlier in my blog, when we are in an upbeat mood, and happy we are more effective at our jobs.  Or does summer have a different effect on our job performance?  It is so nice outside, that you want to be out there and the knowledge that you have to work makes you depressed?

Once again, my point is that if we can find something that motivates us to be in a “great” mood our job performance, family performance, and lives in general will be more enjoyable.  So find whatever it is that makes you happy and make it work for you!

If there is one thing in this world that I absolutely love and will always put a smile on my face, it would have to be first off my family.  But also, sunsets!  Sunsets are one part of life that I can never get enough of.  We were just recently on vacation (hence the reason this blog has been sitting) and no matter where we were at the time of the sunset, I wanted to see it.  That’s just how I am, the beauty of the sun passing the horizon is something I will never get sick of and something that can motivate me from day to day!

Find what motivates you and keeps you upbeat and life in all aspects will be spectacular!

(Picture I took with my iPhone on vacation)


Happiness is a state of being!

5 04 2012

In life we are blessed with so many different choices.  One of which is how we look at our life.  Do we go through the day dreading every task or chore, or do we embrace the fact that we are alive and enjoying another day of life?  Since you are sitting at your computer or on your phone or iPad, let’s try something.  In my last post I talked about Smiling and the effect that it can have on yourself and others.  Let’s try putting together Happiness, and Smiling as a little drill.  If you are like me sitting here, you probably have a blah face.  Meaning you aren’t smiling or frowning, just being blah.  Let’s try putting a smile on your face………….see how that feels?  Doesn’t it almost instantly change your demeanor?  If we can all work on smiling, and remembering all of our blessings we will begin working our way to happiness.  Happiness is not just when you get a new car, or toy, or outfit, it is something that can be had at all times.  It is a matter of controlling our thoughts and creating an environment for thoughts of good things that we have in life, and removing the thoughts that will bring us down.

How much more will we accomplish if we can work with a smile and an understanding that we should be happy that we can work?  I would go out on a limb and say we can accomplish considerably more when you attack a job with a good attitude.  So as I conclude my thoughts for the day, I’d like to challenge all of you, and myself to try and keep a smile on our faces as much as possible the next couple of days.  I would love to hear comments or thoughts on your experiences with trying this.  But for now, have a great rest of the day and remember smile and be happy!

Mind Games

26 03 2012

My second thought for the day deals with mind games.  Not the type that others play on us, but the ones that we play on ourselves.  I’m sure at one point or another throughout everyone’s lives, they have had their mind play games on them.  For example, have you ever felt prepared for a test or speech, and then in the moment you start to doubt yourself?  This is something that we all need to realize and overcome.  When you have a business presentation or just sharing thoughts with friends, being able to keep your mind in check is something that is very valuable.  I have had moments when I am asked to stand in front of friends and share a few thoughts that I get nervous.  Why should I get nervous standing in front of my friends?  For that matter why should I get nervous standing in front of anybody if I am sharing something I have knowledge about?  The only time I think the nervousness should come in is if we aren’t prepared.  That is a real reason to feel nervous, but our minds can make us feel that way even when we have knowledge.

I don’t know how to tell you to overcome this, but to be prepared is the first and most important step.  After that, you need to have confidence in yourself and all should be alright.  Don’t let the mind games that you play on yourself limit your potential!  We all have huge potential regardless of where we come from or how we were raised.  The only way to achieve this potential is to overcome ourselves and the mind games we can play on ourselves.  Reach your potential and feel the joy that will come from achieving something you didn’t think you could!

What is Wealth?

7 03 2012

What is Wealth?  Ask yourself this question and think about it.  Don’t just jump to the obvious answer and use it, think about the deeper aspects of wealth.  Most people when asked this question would answer “money,” “possessions,” “excess.”   While to an extent I would agree that those are pretty decent answers, I also would have to disagree.  Here is why!

Example 1:

A CEO of a large company is going to be “wealthy” in the terms listed above, but is he really, truly wealthy?

Let’s say a CEO works on average anywhere between 60-120 hours a week.  They are pretty much tied to their jobs, and are held accountable for any and all mishaps that their business might stumble into.  So if what you are looking for in life is a lot of money, with a little time to spend it this could be what you would want to strive to become.

Example 2:

A Professional Athlete.  This is many kids childhood dream, but is it all just fun and games?  The average incomes for pro athletes are all over the board.  You have the average Women’s Golf Pro in the $160k range up to the average NBA player around $5 million.  Athletes practice, yes I said practice around 40 hours a week, and then pile on the film watching, charity events, etc.  The job once again is very demanding, and your career could be cut short with one injury, or you might have to move your family due to trades etc.  They might make big bucks, but I don’t feel like they are wealthy!

Example 3:

A Teacher.  Wait a minute, we all know teachers don’t get paid anything!  Elementary teachers get paid around $60k a year.  College Professors get paid around $81k a year.  They are dealing with the future of mankind, and with that comes a lot of pressure.  But, they also get to enjoy watching minds be set free and reach their potential.  So are teachers not as wealthy as the other’s listed above?

Those are a few examples I came up with, and that brings me to my final thoughts.  For my first post on this site, I would like to explain my definition of wealthy.  In my mind, there is a perfect medium that must be achieved in order to consider yourself wealthy.  The factors that I feel play a role are time, money, health, & happiness.

Time:  If you are making the big bucks, but don’t have any “free” time to enjoy the money you are earning…….is it worth it?  Do you have time to spend with your greatest asset of all, your family?  If not, I don’t consider you wealthy!

Money:  Do you have enough to just make ends meat, or do you have so much that you couldn’t spend it?  If we can come to terms that we don’t need all the money in the world, we will be better off.  Enough money to buy the things you need and some of the things you want, I think would be considered wealthy.

Health: This is pretty obvious, without health we have a dimmer look on life and can’t be wealthy.  So health is one of the key factors to being truly wealthy.

Happiness:  Does money buy you happiness?  Nope, sorry!  But you combine the items listed above, time to spend enjoying life.  Money to spend on time to enjoy life, and last but not least the health to enjoy the money and the time, will bring you to the ultimate prize of “Wealth” which is happiness!

This is what I am going to be talking about on this site.  How to achieve happiness by controlling your own life and reaching goals that you set for yourself.